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Founded in 2018 by couple Lilia and Richard from Quebec in Canada, and determined to create something better, Elegante Virgule  was formed to help small businesses and end customers in North America (and elsewhere) to find the best fabrics for their projects and the most beautiful and rare gift options  that match their personality.

We carry very rare fabric brands like Tilda or Liberty of London and we are one of the rare retailers of the authentic Madras fabric in North America. Made in France and with 100% high quality woven cotton our Madras plaid is extraordinary gorgeous and loved very much by our knowledgeable customers.

At Elegante Virgule our business is helping your project succeed. Whether you need help to find your next quilt project, the most beautiful fabrics for your next apparel / skirt or the most unique gift you are looking for a loved one or for yourself, we’ve got the services and objects you need to meet your expectations.




Liberty and Rifle Paper Co

Rifle Paper Co, Elegante Virgule Canada

Unique Stationery

We are an official Rifle Paper Co retailer and thus offer their most beautiful Stationery, Prints, Cards and Tech accessories for yours to choose from.

Do you need help to decide what to pick for Him or for Her? Contact us and we will get you the advice you need.

Liberty of London, Elegante Virgule Canada

Curated Bundles

Where do we deliver the most? In  finding the most beautiful combination of fabrics either for your chosen project or for one of the quilt pattern we found out during our constant searches for easy yet lovely projects. Accessible with great diversity, come visit ou shop to find your next inspiration!

Rifle Paper Co, Elegante Virgule Canada

Rare Gifts and More

At Elegante Virgule, we believe we should be surrounded only by useful objects and thus purchase or offer only these kind of gifts. Yet we think they should be special, unique and gorgeous, if not spectacular. Each of the objects we choose are carefully studied to meet both purposes: Useful and Beautiful, and we love to share them with you.


Rifle Paper Co Enamels, Elegante Virgule Canada





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